Nora York at Joe's Pub

August 5, 2015 

Missed the Nora York at Joe's Pub preformance? Watch it here now! 

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First Nighter: The Nora York-Jerry Kearns Double-Barreled Love Fest, a John Partrick Shanley Revival

July 31, 2015 - David Finkle - Huffington Post

The event is unique, at least as far as my brain wracking is taking me. It's the joint cabaret (alt-cabaret?)/gallery enterprise called Diva's Song, produced by gallery owner Mike Weiss.

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Jerry Kearns - Armchair Traveller: Cartoon Network

July 29th, 2015 - The Armchair Traveller

Jerry Kearns and Nora York, Diva's Song, 2015. On view at Mike Weiss Gallery in New York through August 22.

Art That's Made Not to Last, including Jerry Kearns and Nora York's Diva's Song

July 9th, 2015 - Randy Kennedy, The New York Times

"In an era when art is toppling gold and joining high-end real estate as a preferred instrument for storing wealth, ephemeral works tend to flummox the system. A piece that burns bright for a few weeks or months and then exists only in memory, or photographs?"

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Jerry Kearns and Nora York, Duo Creates 'Diva's Song'

July 2nd, 2015 - Randy Kennedy, The New York Times

"When a couple lives in, around and through art, what happens when the life of one of the partners is threatened? For the painter Jerry Kearns and the performer Nora York, who met in the art world and have been married since 1998, the answer was obvious: Put their heads together like Mickey and Judy and do a show."

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